Downton Abbey Rewatch + Christmas Special 2011

Downton Abbey Rewatch + 3x07

i think you’d be good to me
and i’d be so good to you

"Shall I remind you of some of the choicest remarks you made about me when I arrived here? Because they live in my memory as fresh as the day they were spoken."

He whispers into her ear, as close to her as a lover.



Need I say more?

Save the date and get ready to celebrate Mary and Matthew’s epic love story!

Posting will happen all throughout November 8th, Saturday. No matter your timezone, as soon as midnight strikes, you can start posting :)

What can you post? New fanfics or updates of your on going stories, graphics such as gifsets or photosets, quotes from the show or from other sources that remind you of MM, fanfic or video recs, a playlist of songs you associate with them, and these are just a few ideas! You can ask for prompts in advance and fill them on that day or create a list of prompts of your own and put them up for adoption :)

There is no limitation, really, so don’t be shy! Whatever you like, whatever you enjoy doing, this is a day to remember, to imagine and to celebrate. Above all else it’s a day to share some positive energy and have a lot of fun :D

Official tag is MM Tribute Day and I also recommend to use the tags for the characters, the couple, and the show (“Mary Crawley”, “Matthew Crawley”, “George Crawley”, “Mary x Matthew”, “Matthew x Mary”, “Downton Abbey”).

Writers are encouraged to post their stories on or AO3 too, so that readers can more easily review if they so like (please do ;D), and yes, you can take part even if you don’t have a Tumblr: just submit your work to me and I’ll post it on my Tumblr for you :)

As always, if you have questions, contact me and I’ll be glad to answer them. Any answers/reminders of the event will be tagged using the official tag.

That is all. Spread the love and start planning!!

Downton Abbey Rewatch + Christmas Special 2011